Thursday, July 15, 2010

Aragaki Yui ranked number 1 in a new poll by Goo Japan

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Excerpt of a post by HPriest at KawaiiJoyuu:

"With whom would you like to go to a southern island?
Posted by HPriest On July - 15 - 2010

It's been quite a while since goo published a ranking related to actresses. In a recent poll they asked their members about female and male celebrities with whom they'd like to travel to a southern island.

The transparent sea and endless white beaches. What if you could go to such a wonderful southern island together with a celebrity of your choice? Both men and women have probably already dreamed about enjoying your holidays at the beach together with your beautiful woman or good-looking man. Let's find out which celebrities are currently on the top of the wish lists.

Female Celebrities Top 20:

01 – Aragaki Yui
02 – Ayase Haruka
03 – Ueto Aya
04 – Nakagawa Shoko
05 – Miyazaki Aoi
06 – Nagasawa Masami
07 – Toda Erika
08 – Kitagawa Keiko
09 – Aibu Saki
10 – Sasaki Nozomi
11 – Kato Rosa
12 – Akina Minami
13 – Horikita Maki
14 – Ishihara Satomi
15 – Eikura Nana
15 – Inoue Mao
17 – Suzanne
17 – Ichikawa Yui
19 – Kuroki Meisa
19 – Yoshitaka Yuriko"

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