Friday, August 20, 2010

Breaking = Brand new official sneak peak at Gakky's new album

Posted by YK Ting (YKT) at 9:36 PM
Breaking = Brand new official sneak peak at Gakky's new album as seen at


Lots of caps found by Nikki who is going overseas soon!!! All the very best Nikki!!! We will miss you!!! Thanks for all your contributions!!!

Please click to enlarge:


Ano created the to enlarge:


Ken found a new Gakky interview at

Finally, hyde summarized a writeup at

Short summary if I am not wrong you know during the end of 笑っていいとも!show , the guest will give a call to their "Circle of close friend" to so call invite him\her to attend the next ep of 笑っていいとも!

It seen that AKB48 members gave Gakky a call on the latest ep and Gakky said "Ok!" and so she will be appearing on the next ep of 笑っていいとも! which will be shown on the 23~

Lol I never know that AKB48 are close friend with Gakky, which was quite a surprise to me XD

Thanks hyde for the summary!!!

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Nikki on August 21, 2010 at 2:25 AM said...

That's nice! Gakky has many close friends!^^ :D

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